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Interview Q & A >> Testing >> What are the main attributes of test automation?

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What are the main attributes of test automation? (Views: 1155)


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1. If you have to run a set of tests repeatedly, automationis a huge win for you 2.It gives you the ability to run automation against codethat frequently changes          to catch regressions in a timely manner 3. It gives you the ability to run automation in mainstreamscenarios to catch regressions in a timely manner (see whatis a Nightly) 4.Aids in testing a large test matrix (different languageson different OS platforms). 5.Automated tests can be run at the same time on differentmachines, whereas the manual tests would have to be runsequentially6.Repeatability, Programmability, Reliability are the impattributes7.for test automation, impact and criticality are the mainattributes

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