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Interview Q & A >> WCF >> What different transaction isolation levels provided in WCF?

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What different transaction isolation levels provided in WCF? (Views: 2288)


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Transactions assure that a group of related activity occurs as a single atomic unit. In simple words, every activity in the unit must either all succeed or all should fail. WCF provides a central transaction system that can be used to handle transaction operations. One of the things WCF provides is a single unified transaction system for both database and non-database activity. For instance BeginTrans and CommitTrans are database related syntaxes but we can not use the same for other activities like if we want to upload all message in a single transaction to a MSMQ server. One thing to note is that WCF
transaction abides to WS specifications. That means any other language like JAVA can take advantage of this transaction…. I think that’s the best part of WCF embracing other languages.

Submitted By: mannam | Created On: 2/28/2011 7:29:07 AM

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