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Interview Q & A >> WCF >> How can we use MSMQ bindings in WCF?

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How can we use MSMQ bindings in WCF? (Views: 2637)


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First thing is the queue name where the messages will go if the server is not running. The server name we can get from the config file. You can see in the above snippet we have defined the Mismanage in App.config file.
2 – We first check does this queue exist if it exists then go-ahead. If not then go to create a queue. Please note you need import using System. Messaging namespace. Then we can use the Message Queue to create a queue if the queue does not exist.
3 – First thing which should surprise you is why we are creating a URI with HTTP protocol as we are going to use MSMQ. Ok! This is bit tricky but fun. As we know in order to connect to this service, we need to generate a client proxy using SVCUTIL. Therefore, this URI will help us do that. It is not actually used by the client to connect.
4 – We need our end and the MSMQ bindings.
5 and 6 – Again as usual we need is an interface and implementation for the same. In implementation we have created a method called send Message.
Once the above steps are executed, run the server and generate the client proxy using SVCUTIL utility.
Now comes the final step making a client. One change you need to make is change the address to the MSMQ server in the app.config. In this, we have just looped ten times and fired an offline message. Please note to keep your server down.

Submitted By: Tejasri Yadlapati | Created On: 1/6/2010 12:14:36 AM

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