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What is WCF? (Views: 2832)


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The Windows Communication Foundation (or WCF), is an application programming interface in the .NET Framework for building connected, service-oriented applications.

Originally code named "Indigo", WCF is one of four APIs introduced with the .NET Framework 3.0,in December 2006. WCF unifies several other communication APIssupported by the .NET Framework 2.0. Previously, separate APIs for SOAP-based communications for maximum interoperability (Web Services), binary-optimized communications between applications running on Windows machines (.NET Remoting), transactional communications (Distributed Transactions), and asynchronous communications (Message Queues) existed. WCF unified all these mechanisms into a single, common, general service-oriented programming model for communications.

WCF can use SOAP messages between two processes, thereby making WCF-based applicationsinteroperable with any other process that communicates via SOAP messages. When a WCF process communicates with a non–WCF process, XML-based encoding is used for the SOAP messages but when it communicates with another WCF process, the SOAP messages can be encoded in an optimized binary format. Both encodings conform to the data structure of the SOAP format, called Infoset.

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