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Interview Q & A >> .NET Framework >> Features of .NET Framework 3.0

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Features of .NET Framework 3.0 (Views: 2754)


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.NET Framework 3.0, formerly called WinFX,[18] includes a new set of managed code APIs that are an integral part of Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 operating systems. It is also available for Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server 2003 as a download. There are no major architectural changes included with this release; .NET Framework 3.0 uses the Common Language Runtime of .NET Framework 2.0.[19] Unlike the previous major .NET releases there was no .NET Compact Framework release made as a counterpart of this version.

- Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF): The Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation provides the foundation for building applications and high fidelity experiences in Windows Vista, blending together application UI, documents, and media content, while exploiting the full power of your computer.
- Windows Communication Foundation (WCF): Windows Communication Foundation is a set of .NET technologies for building and running connected systems. It is a new breed of communications infrastructure built around the Web services architecture.
- Windows Workflow Foundation (WF): Windows Workflow Foundation is the programming model, engine and tools for quickly building workflow enabled applications on Windows. It consists of .NET classes, an in-process workflow engine, and designers for Visual Studio.
- Windows CardSpace: Windows CardSpace is a Microsoft .NET Framework version 3.0 component that provides the consistent user experience required by the identity metasystem. It is specifically hardened against tampering and spoofing to protect the end user's digital identities and maintain end-user control.
- Windows Forms: Microsoft Windows Forms is the core development platform for building smart client applications. The Windows Forms classes contained in the .NET Framework are designed to be used for GUI development.
- ADO.NET: ADO.NET provides consistent access to data sources such as Microsoft SQL Server, as well as data sources exposed through OLE DB and XML. Data-sharing consumer applications can use ADO.NET to connect to these data sources and retrieve, manipulate, and update data.
- ASP.NET: Microsoft ASP.NET is a set of Web application development technologies that enables programmers to build dynamic Web sites, web applications, and XML Web services.
- .NET Compact Framework: The Microsoft .NET Compact Framework is a key part of realizing Microsoft's goal to provide customers with great experiences - any time, any place, and on any device.

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