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What is CLR? (Views: 3204)


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Programming languages on the .NET Framework compile into an intermediate language known as the Common Intermediate Language (CIL). In Microsoft's implementation this intermediate language is not interpreted but rather compiled in a manner known as just-in-time compilation (JIT) into native code. The combination of these concepts is called the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI). Microsoft's implementation of the CLI is known as the Common Language Runtime (CLR).

CLR is .NET equivalent of Java Virtual Machine (JVM). It is the runtime that converts a MSIL code into the host machine language code, which is then executed appropriately. The CLR is the execution engine for .NET Framework applications. It provides a number of services, including:
- Code management (loading and execution)
- Application memory isolation
- Verification of type safety
- Conversion of IL to native code.
- Access to metadata (enhanced type information)
- Managing memory for managed objects
- Enforcement of code access security
- Exception handling, including cross-language exceptions
- Interoperation between managed code, COM objects, and pre-existing DLL's (unmanaged code and data)
- Automation of object layout
- Support for developer services (profiling, debugging, and so on).

Submitted By: Anonymous | Created On: 5/16/2009 4:43:36 PM

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CLR is run time execution environment for .Net It provides runtime as well as compile time services. e.g Memory Management debuging CLR works with the CLS (Common Language Specification) and CTS (Common Type Systems) to ensure language interoperability.

Submitted By: Sam | Created On: 5/16/2009 6:31:16 PM

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CLR stands for "Common Language Run time".it is a hart of the .net framework. the CLR manage the the memory management at run time  as well as it manage the garbage collection. the common language run time handles the run  time exception which occurs during the program execution.   

Submitted By: Atul | Created On: 8/27/2012 11:15:11 PM

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