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Interview Questions/Answers


Total VB.NET questions: 69

Q 1) Explain the difference and similarity between a class and a structure in VB.NET.
Q 2) What is implicit cast and explicit cast in .Net?
Q 3) Discuss about imperative and declarative security.
Q 4) Define Assembly in .NET.
Q 5) Define Anchoring and Docking in .NET.
Q 6) Define Garbage collector in .NET.
Q 7) Describe user interface design in .NET.
Q 8) Define form in VB.NET.
Q 9) Define Context menu in VB.NET.
Q 10) Validation in VB.NET.
Q 11) TextBox control properties in VB.NET.
Q 12) Keyboard events in VB.NET.
Q 13) What are the major components of .NET framework?
Q 14) Define reference type and value type.
Q 15) Define garbage collection.
Q 16) Define constructors and destructors.
Q 17) Is it possible to force garbage collector to run?
Q 18) Explain the difference between Datagrid, Datalist and repeater.
Q 19) What is the use of Command builder?
Q 20) Explain the significance of Import and Using statement.
Q 21) Explain the use of following COM+ services.
Q 22) What are the features of C# which are not present in VB.NET?
Q 23) Explain the concepts of keyword Must Inherit in VB.NET.
Q 24) What is Anonymous type in VB.NET? Explain its features.
Q 25) What is non_deterministic finalization?
Q 26) What is different between Web.Config and Machine.Config?
Q 27) What is the advantage of packaging over xcopy in .NET?
Q 28) What is STA in .NET?
Q 29) Explain how to store and retrieve images in SQL server database through VB.NET.
Q 30) Define Shared member of the class.
Q 31) Define class and structure.
Q 32) What is visual inheritance in VB.NET?
Q 33) How can you set tab order in VB.NET?
Q 34) Define extender provider component.
Q 35) Define field-level validation and form-level validation.
Q 36) Steps to add a control to a form at run time.
Q 37) Define implicit cast and explicit cast.
Q 38) When do you use enums and constants?
Q 39) Define arrays and collections.
Q 40) Why do you use properties instead of fields?
Q 41) Define delegate.
Q 42) Define parse method.
Q 43) Briefly describe kinds of multidimensional arrays.
Q 44) Define method overloading.
Q 45) Describe an abstract class.
Q 46) Describe Break mode.
Q 47) Define Watch window?
Q 48) What is trace? Describe its working.
Q 49) Describe exception handling in VB.NET.
Q 50) What is data provider? Explain its components.
Q 51) Define DataReader and DataAdapter in ADO.NET.
Q 52) Explain commandType property of a SqlCommand object.
Q 53) Define typed and untyped DataSet objects.
Q 54) Briefly describe DataView.
Q 55) Define an XmlDataDocument.
Q 56) Define SQL injection attack?
Q 57) ReadXML, WriteXML, GetXML.
Q 58) Briefly describe user-defined controls.
Q 59) Describe the role of the LicenseProvider in control licensing.
Q 60) Steps to create localized form.
Q 61) Explain the difference between Globalization and Localization.
Q 62) What is strong name?
Q 63) How do you retrieve resources at run time.
Q 64) Explain how to retrieve information from the configuration file at run time.
Q 65) Define imperative and declarative security.
Q 66) What is a shared assembly?
Q 67) Define XCOPY deployment.
Q 68) What is a native image?
Q 69) What is a bootstrapper application?

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