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Interview Questions/Answers


Total XML questions: 26

Q 1) What is XML?
Q 2) What is the version information in XML?
Q 3) What is ROOT element in XML?
Q 4) Is XML case sensitive?
Q 5) Explain the concept of data island?
Q 6) How to use XML DOM model on client side using JavaScript?
Q 7) What are the ways to create a tree view control using XML, XSL and JavaScript?
Q 8) What is the use of Template in XSL?
Q 9) What is "Well Formed XML" and "Valid XML"?
Q 10) How you will do SubString in XSL?
Q 11) Can we do sorting in XSL? How do you deal sorting columns dynamically in XML?
Q 12) What is "Async" property of XML means?
Q 13) What is XPath Query?
Q 14) Difference between Element and Node
Q 15) What is CDATA section?
Q 16) Explain the different parsers in XML
Q 17) What is GetElementsByName method?
Q 18) What is SelectNodes method?
Q 19) Difference between XmlDocument and XmlDataDocument
Q 20) What is a DiffGram?
Q 21) What is the difference between XML and HTML?
Q 22) What is DTD (Document Type Definition)?
Q 23) What is element and attributes in XML?
Q 24) Which are the namespaces in .NET used for XML?
Q 25) What is an XMLReader Class?
Q 26) What is XMLTextReader?

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