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Interview Questions/Answers

C# Q & A

Total C# questions: 26

Q 1) What is Abstraction?
Q 2) What is Encapsulation?
Q 3) What is Inheritance?
Q 4) What is Polymorphism?
Q 5) Difference between a Struct and a Class
Q 6) What is Value Type?
Q 7) What is Reference Type?
Q 8) What is Multiple Inheritance?
Q 9) What is Method Overloading?
Q 10) What is Method Overriding?
Q 11) What are Sealed Classes?
Q 12) What are Abstract Classes?
Q 13) What are Interfaces?
Q 14) What are the access-specifiers available in C#?
Q 15) Difference between Type Constructor and Instance Constructor
Q 16) What is Static Constructor?
Q 17) What is Private Constructor?
Q 18) What are Destructors?
Q 19) Difference between Finalize and Dispose
Q 20) What is Boxing and Unboxing?
Q 21) What is the use of serializable keyword in C#?
Q 22) What is the major topics of c#?
Q 23) Difference between class and structure.
Q 24) How to add rows dynamically in a table on button click event containing textbox and dropdownlist....in which dropdown list is bind with database.
Q 25) What is mean by Extension methods?
Q 26) What is an event?

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