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Interview Questions/Answers

C Q & A

Total C questions: 20

Q 1) Name the four basic data types in “C” language?
Q 2) Describe at least five different format specifiers?
Q 3) Define and explain scanf () function?
Q 4) What are the maximum and minimum possible ranges of values for long and short type?
Q 5) What exactly is a ‘variable scope’, ‘local variables’ and ‘global variables’?
Q 6) What are signed values?
Q 7) Explain about register variables relative to compiler?
Q 8) State some significant uses of arrays in C programming?
Q 9) What is enum used for and state its format?
Q 10) Explain about the constants which help in debugging?
Q 11) Define and explain about! Operator?
Q 12) What is operator precedence?
Q 13) Explain about the functions strcat() and strcmp()?
Q 14) Why do we use structures?
Q 15) State the difference between sprint () and sscanf() Functions?
Q 16) How do you write data to low level disk I/O?
Q 17) Define these functions fopen(), fread(), fwrite() and fseek()?
Q 18) State the difference between Unions and structures?
Q 19) What are the different styles present in WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW?
Q 20) What are the rules for constructing real constants?

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