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Interview Questions/Answers


Total CSS questions: 45

Q 1) What Is CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)?
Q 2) What is the Basic Unit of CSS?
Q 3) How many ways to attach CSS to HTML documents?
Q 4) How to include CSS inside a HTML Tag?
Q 5) How to include CSS inside the HEAD Tag?
Q 6) How to store CSS definitions in External Files?
Q 7) How many ways to select HTML Tag instances?
Q 8) What is a Class Selector?
Q 9) What is a ID Selector?
Q 10) What is a Contextual Selector?
Q 11) What is a Group Selector?
Q 12) What is a Mixed Selector?
Q 13) What are the Pseudo Classes on Tags?
Q 14) How to Group CSS Definitions Together?
Q 15) What is Style Property Inheritance?
Q 16) What is CSS Cascading?
Q 17) What are the CSS Cascading Order Rules?
Q 18) How to remove the top white space of your Web Page?
Q 19) How to set different text fonts inside tables?
Q 20) How to use Class Selectors to differentiate Tag Instances?
Q 21) How to use IDs to Override Classes?
Q 22) What are the Formatting Behaviors of HTML Elements?
Q 23) What is a Block Element?
Q 24) What is Inline Element?
Q 25) What is the HTML Element Formatting Model?
Q 26) What are the Formatting Behaviors of HTML Elements?
Q 27) What is a Block Element?
Q 28) What is Inline Element?
Q 29) What is a Floating Element?
Q 30) Hot to specify the Content Box Size of a Block Element?
Q 31) How to specify the Padding Spaces of a Block Element?
Q 32) How to test Padding Spaces on All 4 Sides?
Q 33) How to specify borders of a Block Element?
Q 34) How to test Borders with Different Widths, Styles, and Colors?
Q 35) How to specify Margin Spaces of a Block Element?
Q 36) How to test Margin Spaces on All 4 Sides?
Q 37) How to specify the Color of the Margin Area?
Q 38) How to specify the Color of the Padding Area?
Q 39) What are the Background Properties of a Block Element?
Q 40) How to set Background to Transparent or Non-transparent?
Q 41) How to add Images to Backgrounds?
Q 42) What is the Text Paragraph Formatting Model?
Q 43) How in-Line Elements are Mixed in Text Lines?
Q 44) How in-line Elements Affect Line Box Heights?
Q 45) Is FORM a Block Element?

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