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Dotnetnuke Development
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Dotnetnuke Development

Author: Alex

Open Source Approach
DotNetNuke is proven, free, open-source software, licensed under a standard BSD agreement. It allows developers use this application framework for commercial and non-commercial projects.

DotNetNuke supports multiple portals or sites into one installation. DotNetNuke provides to administrators ability to manage any number of sites with their own design and functionality.

DotNetNuke developers are able to use complex content management system (CMS ) with its built-in features. It also allows administrators to work effectively with plug-ins, third party modules, and custom skins. DNN modules and skins are easy to create, find or purchase. Web application customization and functionality are limitless.

DotNetNuke can be installed within some minutes. After download this software just follow the installation instructions. Also, a lot of hosting companies offer free installation of the DotNetNuke application.

DotNetNuke development services for DNN include:
• Product Design and Analysis
• Prototyping
• Incremental Development Approach
• Full Product Testing Cycle
• Customization Services
• Localization Services
• Integration Services
• Product Support
• Documentation

DNN custom module development technology list:
• .Net application development based on Framework 1.1 or 2.0
• MS SQL 2005, MS SQL 2k, MySQL database design
• HTML, XML, JavaScript, AJAX and more
• Security testing by Web Inspector
• Performance testing by LoadRunner or SilkPerformer
• Custom Skin Design by Adobe Photoshop

Please, visit for more information about custom DotNetNuke module development:

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/programming-articles/dotnetnuke-development-249442.html

About the Author

Alex Bromberg co-founded iTechArt Group in 2003 back when he had more hair on his head, less hair on his face, and all of it was brown. He started the company because he knew that the world needed a better way of handling custom software development. Alex is passionate about making the online relationship between end users and marketers/market researchers better for both sides of the equation. It is with great pride that he has watched this initi

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