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Regarding personal financial advisor (F.A):A personal financial advisor is entrusted with the job of evaluating the presentation of companies or that of a portfolio of securities and providing expensive leadership to persons regarding the appropriateness of investments. Advices to individuals, corporate organizations and governments Financial Advisors have access to a full range of wealth building, managing and preserving services throughout the Firm, including mutual funds, stocks, bonds, credit & lending, insurance, estate planning and many other services that they will offer to their client base and the investing public

In additional view: a financial advisor is responsible for asset management and financial planning. He combines personal skills with all the resources for the purpose of serving clients recognize their financial objectives. Financial Advisors are provided wide-ranging training to help them construct their own business, which includes attracting and servicing dealings with their clients. Also a Financial Advisors are accountable for assessing a client's situation and purposes,

The main function of the financial advisor is to help the concerned parties to keep a high-quality set of scales of investment earnings, assets and a satisfactory hazard level. a lot times, the financial advisory services are required when the client wants advise concerning financial reserves such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other investment strategies.

Financial Advisor Career outline: Financial advisor (FA) and financial consultant (FC) are current titles for stockbroker, broker, account executive or registered representative. usually, the job has involved trade securities on behalf of clients.

Financial advisors really should be investment advisers and financial planners who take a holistic view of their clients' financial needs and goals. Other variations in title, such as wealth management advisor, also are used, sometimes to denote a financial advisor who has additional training, certifications and experience.

Some financial advisors specialize in serving personal clients and others concentrate on business clients. Some securities firms prefer that financial advisors specialize in this fashion, others go away it up to the personal advisors to choose at all combine of clients they favor. Business clients who need particular advice and services, a financial advisors with in depth understanding in these areas

Education: A bachelor's degree is predictable for a financial advisor. An assignment in finance, accounting and/or economics is helpful, though not required. Strapping quantitative and logical skills are very important.

Certification: Becoming a financial advisor requires passing the Series 7 exam .but In some firms, for confident more higher financial advisor positions, and in some states, one or additional supplementary qualifications may be necessary.

Earnings: of the well-paid personal professions is that of a financial advisor. A freelance financial advisor can fairly earn in surplus of $150,000 a year, and smooth for those who work for hard, $100,000 a year in salary and benefits is not odd.

The following write-up examines the responsibilities and the duties of a financial advisor.

Responsibilities and Duties of a Financial Advisor: A financial advisors direction client on investment opportunities, consonant with the latter's needs, objectives and acceptance for risk. The job requires keeping alongside each other of the financial markets, frequently monitoring the exact savings in clients' portfolios, and being on top of new asset strategies and investment.

A financial advisor must be a good investigator and know the investment markets fine. Those resources simply stocks, bonds, and securities, but all of the financial markets in which people may invest including real estate. In order to know everything he needs to know, a financial advisor must always follow the business section of the newspaper in the areas in which his services are required.

He needs to observe the portfolios of his clients so that he can give advice on any change in a market, particularly in the securities and substitute investments markets. Financial advisors must be secure about decision-making under indecision and under extreme time force, have exceptional people and communication skills, and know how to deal with crash and with dissatisfied clients. Success is highly needy on sales ability, both in the achievement of new clients and in the headfirst of investment ideas to existing clients Even if his current client list does not include some of the potential markets, he must keep informed so that he will be familiar if a client should advance him about investing in that exacting market.

He must also be mindful of any wilting real estate markets and the areas where they exist in order to advice his clients. It is a position that requires continuously updating your knowledge, but it is also one that carries with it a great many rewards both monetarily and in the achievement A financial advisor cannot ignore the client's ability and the willingness to assume risks. The ability and the willingness to assume risks coupled with the appropriate investment decision making ability will authority the return on investment. This is because risk and reward are directly comparative. Clients, who have a great deal of money and a long term investment prospect, may be better-off investing in more risky assets. People with a short term investment prospect need to have sufficient liquidity to meet their financial requirements

Financial advisors have the responsibility of assessing the client's situation. The client's risk and return objectives need to be determined. The risk, that the client is willing to assume, should be in agreement with the preferred level of return. The need for liquidity and the time horizon of the client should also be determined. A client, who has the need for liquidity, will noticeably not be willing to invest a vast deal of money in investments that will not provide fast return in the short term. The investor's time prospect is also very important since an investor with a short term prospect will not prefer locking up cash in investments that are expected to mature in the long run. Investors may have more than one time prospect. For instance, an personal may necessitate cash for buying a home and sponsoring children's education. Other than these operating costs,

The investor may not have any other important financial commitments until retirement an investment consultant should make sure that the client's eagerness and the ability to assume risks balance each other. In case of any inequity, the advisor should clearly demonstrate the risks and the benefits of assuming the given level of risk. In other words, the advisor should develop highly individualized strategies intended at prosperity conception and capital protection. The above financial advisor job explanation bears proof to the fact that an advisor has huge tasks towards delivering the best for his/her clients.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/personal-finance-articles/sequence-of-events-a-professional-financial-advisors-fa-career-responsibilities-duties-3450159.html

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Dhaka, Bangladesh

Mr. Mohammad Wahid Abdullah Khan is the Project director of "Max Textiles Ltd".Mr. Wahid has been in accounting field since 1999. Prior to that he had completed over ten (10) years in various fields of Business like - Accounts, Finance, Internal & External Audit, project budgeting and project costing related positions in some of the largest group companies & the join venture companies in Bangladesh.

He consults with small- medium business owners and services professionals, business consulting service and project process. He is most experience in Financial Risk Assessment, Financial analysis, Financial Advising and Project Cost Analysis. He has published more than 100 articles & case study in different international journals. Such as Business, finance, personal finance, international finance , auditing, Risk assessment topic and performance & industrial related, Mr. khan's most popular articles is "WAK" Model - The way of best solution for an organization internal audit process,( 1st,2nd,& 3rd part) "WAK" Model- for successful financial resource , "Wahid khan"- cost analysis, Wahid theory – the key of dynamic series for successful financial consulting, Wahid techniques – the Significance and dependability manner for Performance audit & PPBS Model, he has consulted with more than 25 service & product companies, in recent years Mr. khan has been spending most of his professional time for financial consulting , Mr. Wahid is the owner of "WAM" Associates and "WAK" business solutions;


• Master's of commerce (Management)

• Master's of business administration (MBA)

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Complete various certified & training courses in Finance, Financial risk management, Accounting, Auditing, & Project Management based,

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