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How Renewable Wind Energy Works
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How Renewable Wind Energy Works

By: Energy 4 Earth

The most sustainable way to generate electricity is to harness the wind energy. The power that is produced by wind energy is clean as it doesn’t contribute to emission of heat trapping particles that are responsible for global warming. Apart from this its availability in abundance adds to its cost-competitive nature. It is a feasible alternative to the fossil fuels that not only add to global warming but a polluted environment.

There are many wind resources but the factors like how fast and how often it blows play a significant role in its power generation. Basically the power output as a cube of the wind speed. This means that if the wind speed doubles, the power output becomes eight times the original speed. Therefore areas where the wind speed is high are perfect for wind turbine installation. Now in case the wind speed is 7 m/s at a 10 meter height, it will be 8.5 m/s at 50 meters height. The wind speed increases at greater heights, so if you turbine tower higher, it will be able to capture more wind.

Wind energy is one of the fastest growing resources for producing electricity across the world. Despite this expansion, wind power is relatively a smaller source of electricity supply and is just about 1% to the total electricity generation in the world. This is because many people think that it is a costly project but on the contrary now-a-days generating electricity from wind power can be done by investing less than $200. This is possible because there is lots of information on making wind turbine on the Internet. However with so many manuals out there, it becomes difficult to choose the one that is appropriate and gives clear instructions. Homemade energy is good manual that gives elaborate instructions in a clear fashion. The reader doesn’t get muddled up and it is available at the cheap price of $47 only.

About the Author

The author has been into saving energy from past 5 years and now he invites you to understand how to save energy at home, at his website Renewable Energy 4 Earth. If you save energy, then you indirectly save money apart from reducing expenditures. Read more about the this concept, by visiting renewableenergy4earth.com today.

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