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Generating Wind Energy
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Generating Wind Energy

By: Energy 4 Earth

Just like solar energy, wind energy is another environment-friendly and economical energy source. With almost 40% of wind energy sources of Europe in the United Kingdom, there is immense potential to use wind energy as a source of energy.

Generating power through wind is not only efficient but also renewable like solar energy. The only downside is that a tall, moderately sized generator can be a sore eye and spoil the visual landscape, leading to murmurs of disapproval among neighbours. Think about this before you go ahead and think about how to generate wind energy in your area. However, if you do not live in a very populated area and your neighbors consent to your wind energy project, there could be nothing more beneficial to harness the potential of such a natural and renewable resource called wind.

Getting Help in the Start

If you are wondering how to generate wind energy, the British Wind Energy Association or BWEA is a good professional source of services and information for initiating projects related to wind energy. This professional body continuously organizes and manages several initiatives to propagate the use of wind as a source of energy across the country and its residences. It has information on local suppliers of wind systems and information on grants and permissions.

The 'Energy Saving Trust' which is backed by the government also provides provide advice on several issues for both companies and individuals and companies desiring to install wind generators on a small scale.

Other Practicalities like Cost and Savings

The cost of wind generators should fall in the range of 3000 pounds -15000 pounds for each kilowatt. This is as competitive as solar and actually slightly cheap when compared to the high output it generates. It is also expected to generate higher output in a year compared to its output in the previous year. Your wind generator should break even in about five years and the way the prices of normal energy sources are increasing, the returns of a wind generator will surely increase over a period of time.

How to Position Your Turbine

It is best to place the turbine high if you want to get the most of the wind strength without any obstructions. Also make sure to measure the wind strength in your locality so that you can place the turbine facing the direction where the wind is prevailing. To measure the wind strength, you can either buy or hire an anemometer. You can also get the person installing your wind generator to do that.

Battery or Grid?

A battery can be connected to wind generators of small scale to provide electricity to your house. The other option is to connect the wind generator to the National Grid. The decision to do the former or the latter depends totally on the circumstance. As such there is no major difference except that it will affect the direction of your energy. If you happen to stay in an area that is remote with no access to the National Grid, energy should then be directed to the battery which in turn will be connected to your residence’s mains. If you can easily access the National Grid, get the generator connected to the grid. By connecting to the grid not only will you be benefited from power savings by not using the supply of electricity from the grid, you will also be able to sell surplus electricity to the grid.

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Home Made Energy - Learn about wind and solar energy www.renewableenergy4earth.com

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