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The 10 most satisfying cars to own
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The 10 most satisfying cars to own

By: Jamie Francis

The motor industry is full of lists of Top 10 vehicles, and gives out awards like flowers on Mothers' Day. But that doesn't stop manufacturers wanting to get their cars featured among these rundowns. The latest of these is a list of the 10 most satisfying cars to own, which gives some pointers to cars which make good second-hand purchases.

The rankings are as follows:

10. Jaguar S-Type – although no longer in production, there are still plenty of happy S-Type owners to be found. Its refinement and elegance impress owners, and the car went on to even greater things after being given a revamp in 2004. Untypically for a Jag, the favourite model is a diesel – the 2.7-litre oil-burner having become a firm favourite with company car drivers and private owners alike.

9. Lexus RX – one of most luxurious SUVs available, the RX also has a far superior drive to many others in this market sector. Those attributes helped it take top spot in 2009's JD Power UK vehicle ownership satisfaction survey, with owners lauding the car's reliability and the service they were given by their dealers.

8. Skoda Fabia – even in this illustrious company, Skoda's supermini can hold its head high. A bargain supermini, it's built from Volkswagen bits by the only car-maker to have taken a place in the top five manufacturers for customer satisfaction for 14 consecutive years in the JD Power survey mentioned above.

7. Toyota Corolla – after being replaced by the Auris, the Corolla left a legacy of satisfied drivers - and with 35 million having been sold in its lifetime, a guarantee of plenty available on the second-hand market.

6. Toyota Yaris – the Corolla/Auris's little brother has long given owners plenty of satisfaction, thanks to its good dealerships and being cheap to run. Despite a facelift in 2006 resulting in the car growing, it did nothing for its drive quality or handling. Like its sister car above, the diesel-engined version is popular.

5. Skoda Octavia – not just for taxi drivers, this family saloon is basically a VW Jetta for three-quarters the cost. Owners are generally happy with the car, particularly its mechanical quality and low running costs.

4. Honda Accord – this car's seventh incarnation is taking on the Germans at their own game with its generous equipment levels and formidable build quality. Reliability is also a strong suit.

3. Lexus IS – on sale for four years, this model is typically equipment-laden and packed with safety features. It looks good and is considered excellent to drive.

2. Honda Jazz – spacious and reliable, owners have voted it into the top three in the JD Power survey for five years running. The flexibility of its generous cabin also earns lots of praise.

1. Toyota Prius – they might get stick from some quarters, but Prius owners love their cars. From the quality of finish both inside and outside to the dealer service, there are plenty of reasons why owners feel so happy with them.

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