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Oil change: An essential element of Auto repair
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Oil change: An essential element of Auto repair

By: Auto Repair

Car maintenance varies depending upon the type, the make and the model of the car. The scrap value of a car is also determined by how well the car is maintained. Taking proper care of your car reduces the number of unnecessary visits to the car repair shop. There are various auto repair shops which provide car maintenance functions such as car wash, transmission repair, brake repair, body repair, oil change, etc.The most common problem a car owner faces is going for an oil change. Whether you own a Honda, Subaru or an Acura an oil change is an essential part of Car maintenance. Here we shall focus on this particular aspect.

Constant contact between moving surfaces also leads to friction and wearing out of parts of the engine which leads to lower efficiency. The only way to prevent this problem from occurring in your car is by using good motor oil. Basically an oil change is nothing but replacing the motor oil or the lubricating oil with a fresh batch of oil for the smooth functioning of your internal combustion engine of your car. Motor oil cleans, inhibits corrosion, and also cools the engine by diverting the heat away from the moving parts. As materials tend to get softer and less abrasive resistant at high temperatures some engines have an additional oil cooler for this purpose. Motor oil is entirely made up of organic compounds such as hydrogen and carbon. Motor oils prevent friction causing constant rubbing of auto parts. Lubricating oils creates a separating film between surfaces of adjacent moving parts to minimize direct contact between them. Thus motor oils not only prevent help in brake repair and transmission repair
but also help in improving performance of the cars engine in the long run.

ATF or ‘Automatic transmission fluid' is a specialist lubricant useful in the transmission repair of the car. It is mostly used in auto gear boxes and power steering systems of the car. ATF however should only be used in automatic gear boxes and should not be used to lubricate the engine. When you take your car to local auto repair shop the technicians first will try to check the oil filters or the oil plug and let drain out all the oil. Then they will replace the filter plug and pour in fresh oil.

Points to be noted:

1.Before they begin their work ensure that your gearshift is in neutral or park mode with the parking brake on and set and arrange all the required tools and equipment accordingly.

2.They will then jack up your vehicle so that the oil drains at the lower end of the oil pan. Shut off the engine when it slightly warms up.

3.They then push the basin lined with a plastic bag under the oil drain plug .If the plug unscrews with the aid of an adjustable wrench.

With global warming becoming more of a concern, going for an oil change would mean going green as there will be more demand for bio-degradable cars in the future.

About the Author

Auto Repair is the author of this article on Car Repair.
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