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How To Repair Tubeless Tyres
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How To Repair Tubeless Tyres

By: Carazoo.com

Tubeless tyres are tyres that do not have tubes within. The inner layer of the tyre is filled with air that is sealed by a butyl wall lining in the interior. This type of car tyre is lined with an air-tight and impermeable material to reduce air permeation and keep the tyres functional.

In India, tubeless tyres have made a late entry but gradually it is becoming the latest trend in the car industry. Luxury car manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and BMW have already made the use of tubeless tyre standard but other car manufacturers are still in process to accept this as a standard feature.

The basic structure and functioning of the traditional car tyres and the tubeless types is similar but they differ in their methods of repairing the damage and fixing the puncture. Similar to the normal tyres, these tyres also get punctured or damaged if not taken good care of. Tyre care and maintenance is important for all kinds of tyres whether traditional, radial, or tubeless.

Here are the most common methods for tubeless tyre rupture:

Plug Method

In this type of repair method, tools required include hand drill, inserter, solution, and blades. Hand drill is used to clean and make the hole visible. Inserter is used to insert the plug stem into the affected hole, solution or the adhesive is used to fix the plug and a sharp blade is required to trim the extra repair compound present near the punctured surface.

Plug method is considered to be accurate and effective that gives a permanent, strong and airtight tyre repairing.

Patch Method

In this repair method, patches are used to fix the puncture. For this only file, readymade patches, and adhesive is used. File is mainly used to roughen the surface area near the punctured portion of the tyre and then readymade patches are placed inside the tyre with the use of an adhesive.

Filler Method

Filler method is one of the most widely accepted methods for puncturing a tubeless tyre. Most of the car mechanics and service providers use this method because it is believed to be one of the most effective methods that give the strongest repair.

In this type of method, a mechanic needs a probe, repairing tool, needle, adhesive or vulcanizing fluid, T-shaped handle tool, rubber plug, and Allen Key. Probe is used to displace the steel cords for easy application of repair strips. Repairing tool is used to place the repair compound in perfect position. Needle is used to locate the torn out area and the T-shaped handle tool for application of repair strips to the car tyres. Adhesive is required for fixing and securing the strips and the rubber plug for insertion. Allen Key is mainly used to drive bolts and screw to fit the tyre repair strips better off the affected tyre portion.

The key advantage of this type of repair method is that the tyre is not required to be removed from the rim.

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