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Consumer Domain Tutorial

Domain Knowledge (Verticals)


Consumer is a broad label for any individuals or households that use goods and services generated within the economy. The concept of a consumer occurs in different contexts, so that the usage and significance of the term may vary.

Source: Wikipedia

Consumer Domain Knowledge Articles

Total Articles: 5

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Are You A Good Consumer?

Votes: 2        1 | Views: 1046 | Comments (0)
The Conscientious Consumer - Who They are and How to Connect With Them

Votes: 1        1 | Views: 1187 | Comments (0)
Consumer Buying Behaviour

Votes: 1        3 | Views: 1209 | Comments (0)
Consumer Awareness

Votes: 1        1 | Views: 1140 | Comments (0)
Consumer Court India

Votes: 1        1 | Views: 951 | Comments (0)
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