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Interview Questions/Answers
.NET Framework

.NET Framework, CLR, CTS, CLS, MSIL, JIT, Strong Name, PE, CAS, Application Domain, Serialization, Exception, Assembly, Satellite Assemblies, Assembly Manifest, GAC, Garbage Collection, Reflection, Managed Code.


Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Structure, Classes, Value Type, Reference Type, Multiple Inheritance, Method Overloading, Method Overriding, Sealed Classes, Abstract Classes, Interfaces, Access-specifiers, Constructor, Destructors, Finalize, Dispose, Boxing, Unboxing.


ASP.NET, ASP, ASP.NET page life cycle, Server Controls, Web User Controls, Web Custom Controls, Application and Session Events, ASP Session, ASP.NET Session, Cookies Less Session, State Management, ViewState, Server-side and Client-side code, Global.asax, Connection string, Authentication, Authorization, GET, POST, Validators, Postback, Caching, web.config, machine.config, Smart Navigation, AutoEventWireup, Event bubbling, Server.Transfer, Response.Redirect, Impersonation.


Ajax, JSON, XMLHttpRequest, Scriptmanager, Enablepartialrendering, UpdatePanel, UpdateProgress.


ADO.NET, OLEDB Provider, SqlClient, DataReader, DataAdapter, DataSet.


XML, ROOT element, data island, XML DOM model, Template, Well Formed XML, Valid XML, XPath Query, Element, Node, CDATA, XmlDocument, XmlDataDocument, DiffGram, DTD, XMLReader, XMLTextReader.

Web Services

WebService, WebService proxy, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, asynchronous Web Services, DISCO file, Remoting, CAO, SAO, singleton, singlecall, trace utility.

SQL Server

Stored Procedure, Function, View, Trigger, Index, Clustered and Non-Clustered index, Index Tuning, fillfactor, char and nchar, varchar and nvarchar, GUID, text and image data type, Joins, Left Join or Left Outer Join, Right Join or Right Outer Join, Full Join or Full Outer Join, Cross Joins, Self Join, UNION and JOINS, derived table, Nested Triggers, extended stored procedure, locks, dead lock, live lock, isolation level, Transaction.


Statements, Comments, Variables, Operators, Comparisons, If...Else, Switch, Popup Boxes, Functions, For Loop, While Loop, Break Loops, For...In, Events, Try...Catch, Throw, Special Text, Objects, String, Date, Array, Boolean, Math, RegExp, HTML DOM, Browsers, Cookies, Validation, Animation, Image Maps, Timing, Create Object.


Syntax, Background, Text, Font, Box Model, Border, Outline, Margin, Padding, List, Table, Dimension, Classification, Positioning, Pseudo-class, Pseudo-element, Image Gallery, Image Opacity, Media Types.


Elements, Attributes, Headings, Paragraphs, Formatting, Styles, Links, Images, Tables, Lists, Forms, Colors, Colornames, Colorvalues, Quick List, Layout, Frames, Fonts, CSS, Entities, Head, Meta, URLs, Scripts, Attributes, Events, URL Encode, Webserver.


Syntax, Variables, String, Operators, If...Else, Switch, Arrays, While Loops, For Loops, Functions, Forms, $_GET, $_POST, Date, Include, File, File Upload, Cookies, Sessions, E-mail, Secure E-mail, Error, Exception, Filter.


Animations, Audio & Video, Images, Deep Zoom, Control Templates, Data Binding to Controls, HTML Bridge, Isolated Storage, LINQ to XML, Syndication Feeds, Web Services, Dynamic Languages.


Architecture, Graphical Services, Interoperability, Media Services, Animations, Data binding, Annotations, Imaging, Effects, Documents, Text, Alternative input, Accessibility, XAML, Tools, Deployment.


Architecture, Standard Query Operators, Language Extensions, LINQ Providers, Performance, PLINQ, LINQ to Entities, LINQ to SQL Designer, LINQ to XML Overview, LINQ to XML in Visual Basic, LINQ over DataSet.


Loops, Symbolic Constants, Conditionals, Pointers, Arrays, Character Arrays, I/O Capabilities, Functions, Command-line Arguments, Graphical Interfaces (Dialog Boxes).


Variables, Data Types, Constants, Operators, Basic Input/Output, Control Structures, Functions, Arrays, Character Sequences, Pointers, Dynamic Memory, Data Structures, Other Data Types, Classes, Friendship and Inheritance, Polymorphism, Templates, Namespaces, Exceptions, Type Casting, Preprocessor directives, Input/Output with files.


Variables, Primitive Data Types, Arrays, Operators, Assignment Operator, Arithmetic Operator and Unary Operator, Equality, Relational, and Conditional Operators, Bitwise and Bit Shift Operators, Expressions, Statements, and Blocks, Control Flow Statements, if-then, if-then-else, switch, while, do-while, for, branching, Classes, Objects, Nested Classes, Enum Types, Interfaces, Inheritance, Numbers, Characters, Strings, Generics, Packages.


Query Select, Set, Insert Update Delete, Sequences, Table, Table Joins, View, Index, SQL Data Types, Character String Functions, Aggregate Functions, Date Timestamp Functions, Numerical Math Functions, Conversion Functions, Analytical Functions, Miscellaneous Functions, Regular Expressions Functions, Statistical Functions, Linear Regression Functions, PL SQL Data Types, PL SQL Statements, PL SQL Operators, PL SQL Programming, Cursor, Collections, Function Procedure Packages, Trigger, SQL PLUS Session Environment, System Tables Data Dictionary, System Packages, Object Oriented, XML, Large Objects, Transaction, User Privilege.


Animation, Array, Class, Data Type, Development, Function, Graphics, Language, Network, Regular Expressions, Statement, String, TextField, XML.

Adobe Photoshop

Navigating the Workspace, Working with Documents, Image Modes & Color Selection, Selections and Masks, Layers and Blend Modes, Adding and Working with Type, Painting Tools, Retouching Tools.

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